Canterbury Museum would like to thank all the individuals who generously shared their memories and allowed us to use photographs of their loved ones together with treasured objects in this online exhibition. Our thanks to all who have, over the years, donated objects to the Museum that we have displayed in the exhibition and to the museums, galleries and other organisations which allowed us to use their images.

The exhibition Canterbury and World War One: Lives Lost Lives Changed was developed by Canterbury Museum as one of our contributions to New Zealand's World War One centenary commemorations. The exhibition ran from 30 November 2017 to 11 November 2018.

Thanks to the talented Museum team who created the exhibition and supported development of the website, in particular:

Curators: Dr Jill Haley, Dr Cor Vink and Julia Bradshaw

Associate Curator: Joanna Szczepanski

Exhibitions Team: Neil Phillips, Chris O'Rourke, Sebastian Denize, Hamish Anderson, John Owens, Liam Dangerfield and Alex Wootton

Registration: Scott Reeves, Tara Elder, Nicolas Boigelot, Brydie Lauder

Communications & Marketing: Vicki Blyth, Jack van Beynen

Website: Brooke Lord at Plato Creative

Photography: Johannes van Kan

Video: Port Hills Productions

The Roll of Honour was developed by Click Suite and researched and compiled by Juliana Austen

The exhibition and website was developed with the support of the Lottery World War One Commemorations Fund