On the Eve of War

At the turn of the twentieth century, Canterbury was one of the most prosperous provinces in New Zealand. While many were made wealthy by farming and manufacturing, the prosperity of the era was not shared by everyone.

But the years before the war were filled with excitement and activity. Royal visits, international exhibitions and Antarctic explorers all made their mark on Canterbury.

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The New Zealand Exhibition was held in Hagley Park, Christchurch in 1906

Canterbury Museum 1955.81.8

Video: On the Eve of War

Dr Jill Haley, Curator Human History, talks about Canterbury at the turn of the century

Royal New Zealand

Despite its growing independence and emerging national identity, New Zealand commemorated and celebrated its royal connections

2005 36 154 cathedral square.tif 1900

Cathedral Square, Christchurch c1900–1920

Hight Collection, Canterbury Museum 2005.36.154

Promoting New Zealand

The New Zealand International Exhibition of Arts and Industries promoted New Zealand’s trades, tourism and general progress to the world

From Sailors to Soldiers

Lyttelton served as the port of departure for many British Antarctic expeditions in the early twentieth century, bringing excitement and a sense of adventure to Christchurch

1984 271 1 Cashmere Hills.jpg 1900

Bottom of Dyers Pass Road, Cashmere, Christchurch 1914

Canterbury Museum 1984.271.1

Te Kerēme

Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Ngāi Tahu leaders voiced their grievances about the failure of the Crown to meet its obligations

This online exhibition is representative of Canterbury and World War One: Lives Lost Lives Changed, a temporary exhibition which ran from 30 November 2017 to 11 November 2018 at Canterbury Museum.