Promoting New Zealand

The New Zealand International Exhibition of Arts and Industries was held in Hagley Park in Christchurch from November 1906 to April 1907.

Display promoting the Christchurch Meat Company Ltd

Canterbury Museum 1955.81.75

The Exhibition promoted New Zealand’s trades, tourism and general progress to the world. Visitors encountered galleries filled with exhibits from different industries, businesses and government departments.

Canterbury promoted itself and its products with displays from around the province. The Exhibition also offered entertainment. Visitors could ride a space ship, a dragon train or visit a Māori pā (village).

Canterbury Times 1907 02 9

One in a Million

At 5.05 pm on Saturday, 26 January 1907, the Exhibition had its one millionth visitor.

For 5 minutes, Miss Alice Jennings of Christchurch tried to get in but was pushed away from the entrance gate by the crowd. When she finally made it through the turnstile, she was met by waiting officials.

She was awarded a gold watch and had her photograph taken for the newspaper. By the time the Exhibition closed almost 3 months later, nearly 2 million people had visited.

Canterbury Times, 6 February 1907

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Pocket watch presented to Miss Jennings

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Star, 28 January 1907

Star 29 Jan 1907
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Souvenirs of the Show

Exhibition visitors could purchase souvenir teapots, glass jugs, badges and whole a variety of items to remember their visit.